Contractors can provide an effective interim business solution, and offer a number of advantages to a company. We list our favourites…

• Assistance in the delivery of key projects
• Ability to start work on very short notice in urgent situations
• Bringing specialist skills and a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to your business
• Delivering short term assignments
• To cover staff leave, absences and illness
• Helping your business through peak periods or seasonal work increases
• Ease of engagement with no payroll, employee setup or administration associated with a permanent hire
• To backfill a position whilst recruiting a permanent role
• To ‘try before you buy’ when hiring for a permanent position
• The ability to finish the contractor up on short notice when work volumes subside
• You pay only for the hours worked

The Hunt Recruitment is a specialist provider of contracting staff. We offer fast turnaround times using extensive candidate databases and networks. We provide online timesheets, fully managed payroll services and competitive contracting rates. All you receive is a fortnightly invoice inclusive of candidate wages, margin and on-costs.

For further information please contact:
Andrew Crommelin
03 9421 5570
0402 600 039